You’re A Storyteller

You have inside of you a story that only you can tell. You think there is zero value to what you have to say. You do not think it matters–that no one cares. 

For years I’ve lived with the weight of my bag of stories. I figured some were too dark, too dismal, too shocking to serve any inherent value. 

I had bought into a lie. And this isn’t a tiny lie that can be quickly undone. This lie takes root in your heart. It starts out as just a seed. Nothing too threatening about that seed. But soon it grows as a weed among the flowers. Its thorns start choking out all of the beauty. 

The lie is this: all that was bad in your life was deserved. There is no room to redeem the aches and hurts endured for good. 

But. It’s a lie. And the only way to approach such a lie is to call it out for what it is. For too long you’ve allowed it to masquerade as solid truth, and now you’re pointing straight at it to give it a new label. 

A lie. A big, ugly, destructive lie. 

You may not know it yet. But you’re a storyteller. Maybe you know your story is there and it has you trembling. Maybe you just don’t believe it’s in you. 

But, dear one, how I promise you–it is. 

Have a look around. Here you’ll find my stories, the truth about my mortality, and my resources to you to help you make your stories immortal. 

Here are some of my stories.

7 thoughts on “You’re A Storyteller

  1. Loved this! Reminds me of the song, Storyteller by Morgan Harper Nichols. I found you on The Peony Project facebook page, and saw you asked about finding your voice and such. I personally write about many different topics, mostly including the following: anxiety, faith, depression, and my life in general. I categorize my blog as a faith-based lifestyle blog. I don’t restrict myself to posting only on one topic. I write about whatever my heart feels like sharing. I think categorizing under a lifestyle blog gives us the ability to do so…. I know it can be hard to write an ‘about me’ page. But I’d just share what you did on the facebook page.

    “I’m a nanny. I’m a recovered drug addict. I stink at being a Christian but I love Jesus so much and I try with all of me. I’m a bible school graduate. I’m a newlywed. I’m passionate about telling stories.” maybe add that this is your unique story, because that’s what it is: YOUR story.

    Well, I enjoyed reading your blog post, and look forward to reading more.
    Brittany Nicole


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